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Beauty Trends 2017, think with Google
Access this great article on Beauty Trends from think with Google.


Going Beyond Fairtrade, Funyalo Veronica Alabi, Shea Radiance
One of our members explains their perspective on their reasons for practicing fair trade, while not having the certification.




Below you will find resources, documents and articles informing you about
Social Impact Investing and what to do to make sure you're well positioned for it!


Perfecting Your Pitch

HEVA Fund from Kenya presented a workshop at Trade+Impact Summit & Trade Expo in September 2016. You can access their informative presentation here.

Practical Tips for Women Looking for Investment

Click here to access a great article from East West Bank, which give some practical tips when looking for investment.

What are Social Impact Investors looking for?

This article from Devex provides in interesting perspective on what social impact investors are looking for;

Here is an article with embedded links from MARs with more insight on what funders and investors are looking for from social enterprises. 

How to Measure Impact

The GIIN provides a fantastic source of standard social, environmental and financial metrics used by impact investors: It's a good resource for organizations to explore how/if their current metrics align and identify potential areas for future M&E. You can find it here.

How to get Social Impact Investors to invest in your business

Click here to find an excellent article about how to prepare to get impact investors to invest in your social enterprises (Africa focused) with lots of listed resources, ideas and tips


Here are a variety of websites and additional resources which can help you to better understand Social Impact Investing:




Our team of experts and players within the social enterprise scene have a wealth of information!
Wonder what it means to be a social enterprise? Thinking of becoming a mentor? Want to understand how to build a strong organizational culture? Read on!



additional External sites + RESOURCES

Employee Retention

Ever wondered what you must do to retain your staff and increase engagement? “The Broken Bridges of the Workplace” report by TINYpulse looks into same with their 2017 report:

This report will show you the 5 workplace trends you can't ignore in 2017, including:

  • Which cultural factors actually make a difference in the workplace
  • What's causing cross-functional friction among peers
  • The devastating state of employee recognition and performance reviews
  • Where managers and employees aren't seeing eye to eye
  • The employee engagement trends to look out for in 2017

Access the report here.

Balanced Scorecard

To manage and deploy organizational resources in such a way as to deliver and fulfil organizational objectives is a vital role of senior finance and management professionals. The context is even more sensitive when we talk of social enterprises in emerging market economies.

Of the tools designed to improve corporate performance, the balanced scorecard has probably been the most popular. Originally developed as a performance measurement tool, the balanced scorecard is now associated increasingly with strategy implementation. It acts as a management framework with the potential to identify and exploit organizations’ key value drivers to their best strategic advantage.

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants’ (CIMA) provides guidance and advice on the development and implementation of a Balanced Scorecard for those organisations considering the introduction of a Scorecard or those that have adopted the approach with limited success. You can access their guide here.

Gender Equality

“The case for gender equality is strong. Why is progress so slow?

Progressive executives know that gender equality is not only the right thing to do but also the smart thing. That’s why more CEOs, heads of state, and university leaders are committing themselves to gender-equality goals for the institutions they lead.

Find McKinsey's complete A CEO's Guide to Gender Equality here.

Social Enterprises in Africa + Middle East

“The field of social enterprises in the MENA region is burgeoning. Socially conscience, active and spirited entrepreneurs are finding new and innovative ways to break into the social sphere and change the rules of the game across different sectors. Unsurprisingly, this development is also accompanied by the trials and prospects particular to operating within and across geographies. Many of the challenges social entrepreneurs face are similar to those encountered by strictly commercial entrepreneurs: market structures are anything but transparent and the ease of doing business is hampered by bureaucratic intransigence surrounding registration, licensing, starting a business and enforcing contracts. However, social entrepreneurs face a whole set of additional challenges, conditions and opportunities, which are unique to enterprises looking to make a positive social change in the region.”