A word from Kathleen...

Kathleen Holland, our Executive Director, has a special message just for you, our members.

Welcome 'Zoom call' - 12 october 2017

Connection and collaboration are pillars of the Trade+Impact platform. It’s what sets us apart.

Our annual Summit + Trade Expo gives us all a chance to meet face to face at an amazing location to create those connections, share our stories, and collaborate in our businesses.

For the rest of the year, we zoom! Using a video conferencing platform. T+I has established monthly member calls - to welcome new members, connect with existing members, ask questions, answer questions, or simply say 'Hello!' We’ll give you updates and insights on T+I and our membership, too.

This call is open to all members and you can join the call by clicking here at 5:00PM EAT* on 12 October 2017. Zoom is easily installed on your computer and requires only microphone capabilities. (If you have webcam, you can greet your fellow T+I members virtually face to face, too!)

If you don't have an internet connection, you can always use your phone to join the call. Find the local dial in number here and use meeting ID: 834-239-899

Thanks again for collaborating with us to impact women-led social enterprises in Africa + the Middle East. We look forward to ‘meeting’ you online soon!


*10:00AM EST, 2:00PM GMT


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