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Company's Focus: Bellezza Global Consulting (BGC) empowers creative entrepreneurs around the globe.

For more than 25 years BGC has practiced the art of improving lives through business development. We have helped thousands of artisans, designers, producers and exporters in emerging economies find viable options and creative solutions to grow their businesses locally, regionally and internationally.

BGC develops market-driven programs to ensure sustainable & scalable results. Continually we are proving that the creative industries are important economic drivers for developing countries.

Area's of Specialization: Artisan Industries Program Design & Implementation; Strategic Planning (country wide); Market Linkage
Programs; Export Readiness Training and Coaching; Value-Chain Assessments and Studies; Product Design and Development; Women & Youth Economic Empowerment; Export & Trade Promotion; Value Chain Research

Contact Name: Elaine Bellezza



Services Provided: Product Development, Sourcing, Consulting & Coaching, Research & Studies

Languages Spoken: English, French

Countries Worked In: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, China, Côte d’Ivoire, Germany, Ghana, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mali, Morocco, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Russia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tunisia, United States

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