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A symphony of
empowerment, TRUST, love and impact.
Change Agents. 
Impacting the world through a
Collective Movement.
United through a Shared Vision 
guided by our Values
Our Authentic Selves on board. 
Honor Humanness, Feelings, Vulnerability
Feedback as Potentiality
for Unbounded growth


What is culture and how does Trade+Impact think about it?

The Trade+Impact team is spread across the globe - incorporating the diversity and definitions of our personal ideas of culture into one larger than our own. And we have committed to carrying with us in our culture the voices and stories of women throughout Africa and the Middle East. This diversity calls for an ecosystem which embraces each of us - whether member or seller or buyer or investor - and focuses us on a shared vision: a vision led by an individual's respective purpose which binds her/him to T+I. This diversity and collective purpose means that we are able to co-create and synergize our passions and efforts to lift high the idea and ideals of T+I. We welcome you to learn more, embrace our culture, and join the movement to be the plus.


The Trade+Impact values are enduring, passionate, and distinctive core beliefs. They’re an essential part of developing our strategy and are a fundamental part of our association’s design and culture. Our values are based on enduring tenets—guiding principles—to adhere to no matter what mountain we climb and are the beliefs that guide the conduct, activities, and goals of Trade+Impact.



We are the collaborative impact of each individual’s highest purpose, experiences, expertise, skills, core competences and network.

We synchronize through an open system that merges our efforts towards achieving Trade+Impact goals.

At our core, we've created a culture which integrates our values amongst all the stakeholders.


We hold space for diversity: we includelearn, grow, shift, transform and impact through this diversity.

We are the collaborative impact which fosters an environment that leverages every individual’s passion, commitment, and innovation, and elevates engagement, empowerment, and authenticity.


We act with honor and truthfulness, and hold each other accountable.

We are the collaborative inclusive impact which focuses on building a strong value-based institution that defines the way we operate within and without.