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What is Trade+Impact?
Trade+Impact (T+I) is a global trade association, founded as a non profit in Canada. Our mission is to collaborate with buyers, sellers, investors, social impact influencers, and passionate individuals across the globe to support and uplift the craft and natural cosmetics sectors throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Why focus on Africa and the Middle East?

Trade+Impact chose to focus on Africa and the Middle East due to the regions' under-representation in the global markets, and the barriers to access to trade and investment of these social enterprises.

Trade+Impact's focus on on women-led social enterprises, does this mean that social enterprises led by men can't join? 

This is the question we get very often and our answer is: Of course men-led social enterprises can join! We do not discriminate based on which gender is running a social enterprise which is in one of our two sectors. The craft and natural cosmetics sectors are the two of the largest employers of women across Africa + Middle East and social enterprises are more than 3x likely to have women in leadership positions. It is because of this, that our 'focus' in on women-led social enterprises - but we are not exclusive to them! 

You talk a lot about being 'the plus'. What does that mean?

Being 'the plus' is how we, how any of us, go above and beyond to promote trade and impact the lives of women-led social enterprises, specifically in Africa and the Middle East. Trade+Impact breaks the barriers to access in trade, investment, skills development, and connection. Our members - buyers and sellers and every other point in the value chain - come together through our unique platform to collaborate and dialogue on topics and tips to succeed in business and their communities.