Abury and Sabahar: 100% made in Ethiopia

Sabahar submitted a successful application for Abury’s Design Exchange after hearing about the project from Trade+Impact. We interviewed Founders and CEOs from both Abury and Sabahar to learn more about the story and meaning of their collaboration.



Q: What inspired you to start this collaboration?

Andrea Abury: We started ABURY Design Experience - the first global contest that connects the best of international design talent with traditional artisans - in 2015. Since then we are looking for amazing craft communities, working with dying crafts, that we can cooperate with. The goal is to support the community with design and technical inspirations and training as well as process management if needed - and so preserve the crafts and support local jobs.

Kathy Marshall: Collaborating is always good - this collaboration comes from Abury, and we were lucky to be chosen by them!

Q: What was Trade+Impact’s role to make the collaboration happen with Sabahar?

AA: Trade+Impact played a major role in the cooperation! I spoke at the T+I conference in Infrane in 2016 and learned that many African communities present were actually interested in the kind of support we provide. That was the start for the idea to collaborate and we started a contest for artisan businesses in Africa to apply for hosting the next ABURY designer. We received applications from 13 African countries and Sabahar was the winner.

KM: Trade + Impact’s core value is collaboration, when like minded people and organizations meet within such a forum, the next steps of actually working together come quite naturally.

Q: What is the next step in terms of future collaborations?

AA: The ABURY Design Experience is an annual contest. So the next contest will be launched in February 2018 - it will be a new country - and craft! Stay tuned on www.abury.net when we announce the next contest!

KM: From our side we are not sure! For now, we will work on producing the designs created by Ruth to increase sales and create more product diversity

Q: Where can we learn more about your collaboration with Sabahar?

AA: You can learn more about it in our social media feeds - especially Facebook and Instagram (@aburycollection) as well as on our website www.abury.net - the collection will be launched in April 2018!

KM: You can check out our collection which will be available through Abury! In the meantime you can also visit our facebook page to learn more about our community.  


Gregory Allen