if you want to go fast, go alone - if you want to go far, go together

Trade+Impact recognizes that while we are all in different stages of our businesses, the knowledge we can gain from each other is invaluable. 

The most powerful feedback which Trade+Impact received from it's inaugural Summit, held in Morocco in September 2016, was that attendees had never before experienced a trade event where they made so many connections. Our network brought together hundreds of women and men, working towards the same vision and the same mission - to increase the impact for women-led social enterprises across Africa + Middle East.

The magic of Morocco has been carried forward through our association. Trade+Impact has created an online community to continue to foster these connections and build new ones: for for members to connect with each other, buyers, sellers, social impact investors and other key players within the sectors who have a genuine interest in increasing the impact of social enterprises.

Through our private and public discussion forums, you will be connected to all our members. Through our monthly membership conference calls, you'll be able to meet and share with members face to face. Most importantly, when you attend our annual Summit + Trade Expo, you will be able to experience the power and collaborative energy of being in the same place with hundreds of people, just like you.

Join us and connect with the global community of Trade+Impact.