Skills development is key to the success of social enterprises.


Social enterprises across Africa + Middle East can face challenges associated with skills development. It can be difficult to access information on international standards, understand the requirements for reaching the export market and access tools to help make the job easier. Gaining access to experts within the sectors to help them take their business to the next level can often be difficult and costly.

T+I is breaking the barrier to accessing skills development through our online digital platform, resources and articles, live video webinars, monthly video series featuring leading exporting businesses and top international buyers.  We aim to bring our members learnings which will further enable them to grow their business and increase their impact.

At our annual Summit + Trade Expo, our curated programming will focus on the issues our membership wants to learn about, grow in and discuss. Keynote speakers, interactive panel discussions and concurrent sessions make for a dynamic and informative Summit.


T+I understand that there are different levels within the development of a business, and we have developed a platform focused on graduating social enterprises to the next level.

Based on a model created in Rwanda, and refined in Swaziland, T+I has implemented a tiered system for categorizing our seller members, and additionally has developed tailored content with the focus for bringing T2 members to the T3 level.


Our collaborative community, led by our membership, creates an environment which encourages us to learn from each other, share experiences and celebrate successes.

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