Trade+Impact started because someone asked two questions:

why (is there no trade show in Africa) and

how (can I do something about that to make it happen)

Because of those two questions ten+ years ago, all that Trade+Impact is - the collaborative community, the dynamic platform built on 5 pillars, our robust resources + network - came together. Because she did her research, met people, talked with them, asked more questions, shared the stories with others, Trade+Impact is set to break barriers and establish itself as an unique trade association with a regional focus and a global impact. Because someone like you is also asking questions and wondering how to get involved, we are becoming a movement. We are becoming the plus in the lives of thousands of social enterprises and in the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands more through their ingenuity and their products and their stories.

As we grow and develop, we hope you will do your research, ask questions, talk to people, and share the story of Trade+Impact. Click the links below to get involved.



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