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Katchy Kollections Limited | Kenya

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Company Focus: Katchy Kollections limited is an innovative social enterprise dedicated to empowering women and whole communities to rise above poverty through employment creation, thereby fighting and restoring hope among Kenya’s less privileged.

The quality of the products compared to what was then in the market was much better and registered very high consumer acceptance. It then became clear to the proprietors that there was indeed a good business opportunity and we then proceed to register the company and make regular production runs but still on small scale. Following this, we went out on further market research and found good reliable suppliers for raw materials (beads and leather) and enlisted a number of regular retail customers.

Price Point: Our price point is within the range of FOB $3 - $150 per piece. The more expensive pieces are the bespoke beaded jewellery pieces.

Social Impact:  While Katchy is inspired by a desire to design, create and produce high quality bags, fashion apparels as well as beaded accessories, we work with the aim of creating employment for the disadvantaged women living in the slum areas within Nairobi, as well and women at the village level. We believe that, when equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help lift whole families and entire communities out of poverty.

Category: Accessories, Homeware, Apparel

T+I Levels: T3 + I2

Contact Name: Sheila Mumbi

Email: /

Address: P.O. Box 59105-00200, Nairobi, Keny

Export Experience: Intermediate

Production Capacity:   For our jewellery collections, we can produce between 50 and 100 pieces per month depending on the size and design of the pieces. For our accessories, we can produce 1000 pieces for the small cosmetic bags and 500 pieces for the Safari collection bags. In addition to our current permanent staff, we engage casual workers when working on larger orders, particularly for the production of the bags

Skills: The skills used in production are beadwork, tailoring and weaving

Price Point: Our price point is within the range of FOB $3 - $150 per piece. The more expensive pieces are the bespoke beaded jewellery pieces

Lead Time: 60 days for all our orders

# of Producers/ArtisansWe work with women and youth from low income communities. Katchy’s permanent employees include 10 women and 3 youth from the low income communities in the Kibera slums. In addition, a women’s group in Machakos of 56 women who are involved in the weaving

Materials: Our main materials used in our products include; beads, leather, nylon, cotton fabric, paper, sisal

Terms & Conditions: 

1. For all our orders, we request for a 50% deposit on making the order and balance paid on completion of the order.

2. All our prices are FOB

3. Our production lead time is 60 days for all our order

.Other Accreditations: We are World Fair Trade certified