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Mali CHic| Mali


Company Focus:

We work with over 200 artisan groups across Mali. We work to help this diverse community to build their businesses, markets and income. Even through the war, coup-d'etat, and terrorism threats Mali Chic has consistently been pro-active in generating sales so that Malian artisans can find the means to make a living. We coach our artisans in export readiness and help them create products for the international market and we work closely with global buyers to create products for their collections, and train artisans on meeting this demand.

We have two in-house production workshops. We have been in business for 11 years and have the largest handicraft gallery in Mali and sell wholesale around the world. We are a registered G.I.E (Groupement Interêt Economique) and our Director is Fatoumata Bouare.

Social Impact:  For the past 11 years we have continually worked with diverse artisan groups around the country, we have build this community in numerous ways. We have helped them gain international markets, we have helped them sustain their businesses through the war and political upheaval when there has be few other opportunities. Many of the artisans we work with have never exported and we mentor them on export readiness. We have helped micro-businesses set up production workshops to meet ever increasing demand. For many artisans, particularly during and since the war, Mali Chic is their only income source. For this reason we travel throughout Africa and do many Trade Shows in Asia, Europe and the US so that these artisans will continue to have sales and to be able to feed their families.

Category: Accessories, Homeware, Decor, Gift

T+I Levels: T3 + I3

Contact Name: Fatoumata Bouare


Address: Street 203 Porte 1528, Hippodrome, Bamako, Bamako 0000, Mali

Export Experience: Expert

Production Capacity: High capacity in all categories

Skills: Highly Varied

Price Point: 

Jewelry $3 - $50
Textiles $5 - $100
Decor $5 - $100
Baskets $5 - $50
Bags and Totes $5 - $50
Clothing $10 - $80
Fashion Accessories $5 - $50

Lead Time: For large and complex orders, 3 months maximum

# of Producers/Artisans: Many hundreds

Materials: Highly Varied

Terms & Conditions: 50% Advance, 50% upon completion. We serve as buyer's agent in Mali and surrounding countries. We can source, consolidate, do QC for our clients. We are open to working with exclusivity agreements and honor the diverse needs of our clients. When we sell a product or collection to a client, we never show it or sell it to another client without permission from the initial client. And, we expect that our clients do not produce our products with others as well. We have extensive export experience and work with a listened customs agent in Mali