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Rarity Handbags| South Africa

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Company Focus: From the spare room in a rented apartment, our story started at the turn of the century with a South African farmer asking me to create something from the beautiful natural materials that they would normally burn. To address this wastefulness I developed its first signature springbok range,
pioneering this product in the global market. We opened one of the first design studios of its kind in the trend-setting Woodstock district of Cape Town, South Africa. The aim is to grow the prominence of the South African design sector globally and increase the social and economic opportunities' for the marginalised producers and suppliers of our country.

Our growth and global reach is a testament to the growing need for consumers to behold individual, beautifully designed hand-made products, and our style
reflects the story of our country and its individuality with the unusual mixing of natural materials to represent this eclectic mix of our diverse society. Our 'slow fashion' philosophy, is achieved through our artisan training, the sustainable employment of all our artisans, use of selected natural indigenous materials, and mindfulness of all production processes to support our natural heritage.

To compliment the conscious consumer of today, we implement and practice the ten guiding principles of Fair Trade. Supported by our business awards and
exporting awards and accolades, we pride ourselves on quality, delivery and client satisfaction.

Social Impact: We make your bags, beautiful bags, in our studio at the foot of Table mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Here we are a family, we laugh, we cry, we argue, but most importantly we communicate and understand. We do not do piece work; we are all permanently employed so that we can plan around a stable income. We also have the advantage of leaving our challenging communities to work in a studio that is filled with light and air and overlooks the Cape town harbour.  Our company believes in us and practices the ten fair trade principles. Why is this so important? Well, because our lives are full of challenges, we are the survivors' of abuse, of gang warfare, of drug abuse. We have lost children, family and friends before their time, we have fled countries, we suffer from Aids.  So, working in a company that respects us, see as a people and believes in the betterment of our lives, helps us believe in our future. Because we are living in a discriminatory society, we all have committed to our NON DISCRIMINATION policy, we know that feeling safe, loved and respected at work, by each other, allows us to be the best we can. We all want to learn more skills, make more bags, and reach more markets.We want to travel the world, own our own homes, learn new things, try new ways of crafting. Our dreams are tied in with the company, as the growth within our company, makes our aspirations a reality. All the things that are done for us make us want to do more.  We want to become the best in the market, to show our family, our children, and our communities our success. To show that it is possible to work in an ethical, happy, environment and create unique handbags while uplifting those around us. We make beautiful bags for you. The fact that you see us makes us smile because we make them for you. We are the Rarity family.  

Category: Accessories

T+I Levels: T3 + I2

Contact Name: Jaqueline Burge


Address: Tollgate industrial centre, 12 Ravenscraig road, Woodstock, Capwtown, South Africa, 7925

Export Experience: Expert

Production Capacity: up to $8000 per weekWe prefer to create permanent positions based on our growth. We are well positioned for quick growth, should this be required. We can produce 500, or more, smaller pieces per week and 300 larger pieces per week

Skills: To ensure that they are all made the same, to the same quality, a very formalised structure lies behind each design. All our highly skilled Artisans are trained in house, in the traditional art of leather crafting, these skills include hand cutting, Skiving, painting of edges, and assembly. Our Machists used specialised walking arm industrial sewing machines, imported from Japan. We focus on labour intensive processes, to create employment opportunities within this sector

Price Point: ExWorks. Is $8 -$150/ piece

Lead Time: 4-6 weeks

# of Producers/Artisans: Permanently we employ 16 people, our outreach through 100% local procurement is over 100 people

Materials: Natural indigenous materials are selected from reputable suppliers, and tanned to international specifications. These include Springbok hide, Burchell's Zebra, and Ostrich products.  Our products do not require any Cities permits. Fish and Wildlife permits would be required for importation into the USA

Terms & Conditions: 50% deposit 50% on dispatch, negotiated per contract