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Company Focus: Our company focuses on the transformation of Malagasy handcraft into a modern contemporary item. What we offer is well constructed and of good quality. We are constantly seeking to be innovative by including new technology without removing the authenticity of the handmade product. Our company is also serving to address a problem in our community, in Ambohitrimanjaka, a rural area where the majority of the female population is either farmers or handcraft makers. There are plenty home makers who are not employed, unable to make ends meet or send their children to school. These mothers are seasonal employees, so when the rice farming season is over they make cheap quality handcrafts to sell at the market. However, because of the poor quality, there are few chances for them to make sales. We noticed the lack of sales and had the idea to start a viable business that would benefit the community. Since fair trade is a valued economic trend and it gives significance to people and to the stories behind their products. As we earn more contracts we have picked one school in the village to benefit from the sales profits and make it a role model for the community. Within a year we have renovated all the classrooms and the bathrooms that were in ruins. We are partnering with the school to recruit the students ’mothers one by one, train and equip them so they can become artisans as well. Yes, we do believe every child has the right to education

Social Impact: The first changes happen within our artisans life. They are now able to send their children to school and have a normal family life since the woman can also contribute to the family's income. Through that, we have seen passions coming back, the women we work with have more passion for their work, creativity bursts, because they now have more significance. Our moto is "blessed to be a blessing" we are teaching our artisans to extend hands, train and help each other so we are developing this family value among our community. One important thing is that we also partner with a public school and could make significant changes within the year as we could renovate 70% of the classrooms which where in ruins. The children loved it and felt so special because this school is one of the most neglected among others. Realizing that, parents are more eager to send their children to school and start to value education more.

Category: Accessories

T+I Levels: T2+I3

Contact Name: Jenny Rasija


Address: Lot BAK 145 BELOHA AMBOHITRIMANJAKA, Antananarivo, ANTANANARIVO 105, Madagascar

Export Experience: Intermediate

Production Capacity: We can produce around 200 pieces of handmade bags per month, 500 peaces of clutches and 600pces of raffia animals

Skills: Weaving techniques, sowing techniques

Price Point: Between 2$ to 40$

Lead Time: We take 1 to 2 months to fit all our customers' orders

# of Producers/Artisans: 

Materials: We mainly use raffia but we contemporarize