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Sabahar | Ethiopia

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Company Focus: Sabahar’s vision is to create just and sustainable employment in Ethiopia by becoming a profitable, globally-focused textile company known for high quality silk and silk/cotton products crafted using Fair Trade principles

Social Impact: Sabahar has grown from a start up company with 3 staff in 2004, to employing full time about 200 households. This includes 85 women and men who work at our factory, about 60 additional weavers in their own homes, a large network of women who spin cotton, and a growing network of rural household who produce and spin eri silk. We are proud of this significant and reliable employment which we have created, and also that we export to about 25 companies in 11 countries.  The artisans who work at Sabahar feel it is their family.  We have created a caring environment, within which we continually strive to improve our quality and expand our markets.

Category: Accessories, Homeware

T+I Levels: T3 + I2

Contact Name: Kathy Marshall


Address: PO Box 1170, Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa 0000, Ethiopi

Export Experience: Intermediate

Production Capacity: We can produce, on average,400 pieces per week. This could be a combination of beach towels, hand towels and scarves

Skills: hand spinning, spinning on spinning wheel, hand dyeing, hand weaving,  fringing, embroidery, cleaning and finishing

Price Point: FOB prices from US$6.00 to US$45

Lead Time: 2-3 months

# of Producers/Artisans: 140+

Materials: Ethiopian cotton, Ethiopian eri silk, Indian mulberry silk, Australian wool and Belgium linen

Terms & Conditions: According to Ethiopian law, we require 100% prepayment of orders in order to get permission to export. The only alternative to this is to ship using CAD method. We usually do not ask for a deposit prior to the full amount being paid just before we ship. We usually ship with DHL, as we get a 40% discount from regular prices, and excellent service. We are open to attaching our buyers labels, which they can have produced elsewhere and sent to us. All products have care labels attached, which comply with import rules of most countries.

.Other Accreditations: Certified member of World Fair Trade Association