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Shea Radiance| GHANA

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Company Focus:

Our brand exists for one simple reason: to influence the way women care for themselves, and for each other. At Shea Radiance, we aim to craft products and experiences that naturally transform skin, hair, thinking, and lives into something more beautiful than what they were before. Every Shea Radiance creation uses Shea butter produced by artisan craftswomen from cooperatives in West Africa, using the highest concentration of the key ingredient. Our women-led supply chain aims to provide an economic pathway for over 16 million African women picking and processing Shea nuts to care and provide for their families. We believe that we all play a role in the global legacy of womanhood, and that one woman’s success impacts the story of us all.

Our promise is to craft products and experiences that naturally transform skin, hair, thinking, and lives into a more beautiful state.

Social Impact: 

We source our Shea Butter directly from women run cooperatives in the rural areas of Nigeria and Ghana. We do this because it ensures that we get the finest quality hand-crafted Shea butter that delivers the best results for our customers. Most importantly, direct trading with Shea producers removes the middlemen, placing revenue in the hands of the women who have earned it.

At Shea Radiance, we know that when a women is financially empowered, she can change the lives of her children and community. We are inspired by the strength, beauty & dignity of the women who harvest & process our Shea butter. Together we can make a difference in the lives of women and their communities.

Category: Skincare

T+I Levels: T3 + I2

Contact Name: Lydia Nylander

Email: /

Address: (please contact seller for info)

Export Experience: Expert

Production Capacity: Available on request

Skills: Shea butter production, Black soap production

Price Point: Available on request

Lead Time: Available on request

# of Producers/Artisans: A variety of women shea cooperatives in Nigeria and Ghana

Materials: Shea butter, Baobab, Moringa, Black Soap  

Terms & Conditions: Available upon request