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Sinnaraty Workgroup | Syria



Company Focus: We empower underprivileged women in Syria by providing educational and economic opportunities. We provide fair-wage jobs to low-income women to improve their economic independence. We provides sustainable technical and entrepreneurship training to our artisans

Social Impact

Sinnaraty is a platform that commissions Syrian heritage handicrafts made by local women who have physical disabilities, vulnerable or poor. Through their involvement with Sinnaraty, our artists work toward their goals of equality, self-fulfillment, self-sufficiency and financial empowerment.

Experience has shown that empowering women with disabilities can help them become independent and assist them to be fully contributing members of their societies. It can turn around their lives and make them indispensable individuals in their professions.

Category: Accessories, Homeware, Décor, Apparel

T+I Levels: 

Contact Name: Samia Al sayed


Address: Fayez Mansour street –Mazeh-MuhafazabuildingFayez Mansour street –Mazeh-Muhafaza building no.5

Export Experience: Beginner

Production Capacity: The capacity vary depending on the pieces. Between 50 --- 100 per month

Skills: Teamwork, Job-specific skills, Problem solving, Learning & Communication 

Price Point: $2-$100

Lead Time: About 25

# of Producers/Artisans: 

Materials: Traditional Syrian textiles  like brocade and Aghabani, Local embroidery yarns, Imported wool yarns, Variety of wood, Copper or gold made locally, Various local and imported beads.

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Once we receive the order, we will process, package and ship it after agreeing with the buyer about the best way of shipping (depend of courier available or local post from Syria or Lebanon).

  • Customers are responsible for all shipping costs.

  • We require full payment before the dispatch.

  • Lead time is depends of the quantity being ordered.

  • We can custom made products in various materials & colors.