Focus: Tourvest's focus is destination retail – translating the intellectual capital inherent in a specific destination into a retail experience, providing guests to the destination with a strong sense of place. This experience and skill set is enhanced by our ability to source authentic African and South African craft for our South African business ensuring that we offer the very best that the African continent has to offer.

Social Impact: Our Social Impact at this point is predominantly indirect and therefor un-quantifiable, however, a strategic priority when procuring goods. Since our inception we have been closely aligned with community support projects and source goods from many small & micro-enterprises, resulting in 10 000 rural jobs created. We have donated over 70 million rand to support these ventures over the past 10 years.

Category: Accessories, Apparel, Homeware, Décor, Gift, African Art, Souvenir

Type of Buyer: Independent Boutique, Large Chain Retailer

Contact Name: Angela Corder



Import Experience: Intermediate

Price Point: $$

Product Focus for 2017/2018: Tourvest has a focus on all categories with a keen desire to expand African Art, Craft and Jewellery.

Trade Shows Visiting in 2017

As Buyer: All South African Trade Shows

As Exhibitor: NY NOW

Countries Currently Sourcing From: Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Kenya, D.RC, & West African Region.

Terms & Conditions: A standard ( Doing Business with Tourvest Destination Retail) document which has to be completed prior to engaging in business. 

.Other Accreditations: Informal affiliated to all local and regional craft / design organisations