#BeThePlus - Mali Chic


Mali Chic started as a small company in 1998 founded by Elaine Bellezza with only 5 workers. It has come a long way and has 14 workers up to date! The company’s director is now Fatoumata Bouare, but Ms. Bellezza keeps providing training and development product workshops, to satisfy international buyers demands. Mali Chic exports high quality handcrafted goods for customers across the world: from the U.S.A, to Europe, Africa and Australia. This big market that has created collaborations with over 195 member artisans and brought an additional 100 Malian artisans access to the international market, thanks to Mali Chic’s partnership with the West African Trade Hub and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). 

As all members of the Trade+Impact community, Mali Chic works accordingly to fair trade principles: providing fair labor conditions, payment and respecting cultural traditions of workers (artisans can work from home!) The impact of the enterprise has gone beyond Mali Chic’s workshop, providing export readiness and expertise in product design for over 11 years. Mali Chic has maintained micro-businesses and improved artisan’s lives through rough times, to some artisans, it has been the main income source during and since the war. This community is growing and surely portrays Trade+Impact’s values and mission!

Visit their website to learn more and take a look at what Mali Chic has to offer, and why not, start working with them?

Kathleen Holland